Product lists

Active ingredientDelivery formDescriptionNotes
Diphenhydramine HCI 25Soluble Granules
Cold & Flu/Pain Killer
Active ingredientDelivery formDescriptionNotes
Ibuprofen 200Soluble Granules
Ibuprofen 400Soluble Granules
Ibuprofen 600Soluble Granules
Paracetamol 1000Soluble Granules
Paracetamol 500Soluble Granules (stick)
Paracetamol 500 + Pseudoephedrine HCl 60Soluble Granules (stick)
Cardiovascular & Metabolic disease
Active ingredientDelivery formRecommendationsNotes
LIPIDATIN: Monacolin K (Oryza sativa L.Monascus purpureus Went seed) 10mg + White Mulberry (Morus alba L. leaf) 4mg + Banaba (Lagerstroemia speciosa leaf) + Chrome 40 μgSoluble Granules In Sachet
Active ingredientDelivery formRecommendationsNotes
Mg 90 mg + K 300 mg + Vit. C 90 mg + Carnitine 40 mg + Carnosine 10 mg + Ginseng 60 mgSoluble Granules In Sachet
Recommended in case of deficiency or increased daily need. Contribute to the normal energy metabolism, strenghten the immunity system and improve stress resistance)
Contributes to the normal muscolar metabolism
Women’s Health
Active ingredientDelivery formRecommendationsNotes
CLIMAVIT: Genistein (isoflavone) 80mg + Chast tree (Vitex agnus-castus L. fruits) 40mg + Hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha auct., leaf and fruits) 300mg + Vit. D 5 μg + Calcium 240 mgSoluble Granules In Sachet

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