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We are a CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization). We are highly specialized in the study, development, licensing and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and food supplements in solid oral delivery forms: effervescent, orallydisintegrating, sublingual, solubles.


The products manufactured in our plant reach many international destinations. We have in place several supply agreements with different partners all around the world.


Our partners choose us for our competency, efficiency and quality.


We are a reference point for the development and the manufacturing of high quality level pharmaceuticals and food supplements.


Our plant is located in North Italy, Trento, and it is authorized and certified by national and international institutions such as the Italian Ministry of Health (AIFA), the American (FDA), the Australian (TGA), the Russian and the Arabic one (Certificazioni).


Our mission is to mantain high standards of excellence in terms of Quality and Safety of the products manufactured at our premises. But it is not only a matter of product quality, but also equipment, processes, services and resources.


We do believe in the quality of what we do as well as in the sustainability of how we do it. We have always been resolutely committed to environmental responsibility, paying particular attention to all of the rules and measures that help us to reduce our environmental impact (Eco friendly). We think globally and act locally.


Social responsibility is another of our core values, we take seriuosly  the occupational conditions Health&Safety , we enhance the work-life balance and the ethic and anti-corruption.




Our video

Watch our video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QJHxfMZNC4