E-Pharma Trento has an extensive experience based on a proprietary fluidised-bed granulation technology to perform granulation and coating processes using aqueous solutions or suspensions. 

The production plant is designed to ensure the highest quality manufacturing standards for pharmaceuticals and food supplements.

All manufacturing and laboratory areas are kept under controlled conditions to protect the products from humidity thus ensuring high-quality and stable formulations.  

The Quality Management is focused on product, process and staff continuous improvement in order to meet the highest quality requirements. 

Plant Dimensions

- Production 2.890 m2
- Warehousing 2.790 m2
- Labs 710 m2
- Offices 580 m2

Processing Installations
- 5 fluid bed granulation or dry mixing stations
- 9 packaging lines

Pharmaceutical Forms
- effervescent tablets
- granules for suspension
- effervescent granules
- soluble granules
- chewable tablets
- orally disintegrating tablets
- orally disintegrating granules

- sublingual tablets

Immediate Packaging
- plastic containers (tube)
- strip
- sachet
- stick pack
- blister

Global production capacity
3.000.000 units/day


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