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Family Audit is a registered trademark owned by the Autonomous Province of Trento.

The enterprises that have applied for it and obtained it are called to demonstrate their constant commitment to improving wellness at the workplace by means of innovative actions based on Work-life Balance. “Family Audit” helps the enterprises, via measures proposed and shared with their staff, to create an effective, conscious and economically sustainable balance between the interests of the establishment and those of the workers. The main objective of “Family Audit” is ultimately to improve the work climate and the wellness of the employees by introducing measures that are tailored to their need for reconciling life with work while, at the same time, keeping the indispensable focus on corporate interests.

With the application of a systematic and shared analysis, the company builds a ‘Company Plan’ that becomes an useful tool for introducing structural, cultural and communication actions designed to innovate and make more efficient the organization processes and the management of employees. The “Family Audit” process stems from three separate consequential processes:

  1. Certification process (lasting 3 years).
  2. Maintenance process (lasting 3 years).
  3. Consolidation process.


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E-Pharma Trento S.p.A has decided to launch the "Family Audit" certification process with the aim of supporting its employees at special stages of their lives, such as paternity/maternity, family caregiving or illness. At the same time, the aim of E-Pharma Trento S.p.A has been to favour work-life BALANCE by activating specific agreements with CAFs (tax assistance centers), sports organizations, cultural associations and various service companies so as to ensure economic and time returns on several activities performed by its employees in their leisure time.

It is therefore the company’s main objective to define the balances and borders between private life and work, totally aware of the fact that the personal and relational wellbeing has direct effects on productivity.


E-Pharma Trento S.p.A obtained the basic certification on 31 July 2018 in recognition of having correctly performed its Audit process and, in the next three-year period, it will complete the implementation of the improvement actions indicated in its company plan.

The certification effort, however, does not end with the ‘simple’ expression of a trademark and with a list of things to be done, but requires constant and mutual exchange between company and personnel, so that the search for whatever the environment and the region can offer the corporate context in terms of services for the individual and for the family can continue. The certification and its maintenance shall therefore be a continuously evolving process, and everyone will be active in making it progress.


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Macro-areas of investigation and action





Hours: flexibility, leaves, special leaves, work shifts, possible “solidarity time bank”.

Work processes: distribution of skills, teamwork, meeting schedules, part-time work organisation, workloads, planning.

Work places: tele-working, smart-working, mobility support.


Expertise of executives: know-how and skills of the executives in managing work-life balance, training/awareness building programs, behaviour and approach of executives, development and consolidation of a corporate philosophy and an organisational culture focused on the need for balance without penalising implications in terms of professional development.

Personnel development: know-how and skills of the employees in managing work-life balance, training/awareness building programs, behaviour and approach, evaluation systems, enhancement of skills and qualifications, management of maternity and family leaves.


Information and communication tools: tools, policies and methods for internal and external communication, questionnaires, responsibility and skills.


Financial benefits: gift vouchers for new parents, shopping bonuses.

Family services: child assistance during school holidays, use of environmental space and equipment, time-saving services, direct acquaintance with colleagues’ families.


Improved orientation of company services according to logics and objectives: (Family district, Family Audit districts, local alliances for the family, etc.), development/enhancement of web actions/ services in favour of families, network contract.

Corporate social responsibility: implementation of reporting strategies and systems, CSR report, promotion of work-life balance at local level.


Orientation towards ICT services: smart working/agile working, tele-working, management software, technological devices and connections, tools for improving communication, ICT solutions for time-saving activities.



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