Health & Safety Policy

E-Pharma Trento business priority is to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all the employees, contractors and visitors.


E-Pharma Trento is committed to guarantee an integrated Health and Safety Program (SGS&SL ) at workplace, which aims are:


  • Ensuring corporate responsibility, according to all the applicable regulations in terms of Health & Safety

  • Analyzing manufacturing processes in order to identify areas of potential improvement and to target zero work related injuries

  • Promoting a proactive behavior for a continuous improvement of the Health&Safety Program

  • Minimizing and eliminating, wherever possible, the risks generated by all the activities during work

  • Ensuring the right application of the technologies and, wherever possible, encouraging the improvement of such technologies and/or the use of the most innovative ones in terms of Health&Safety

  • Ensuring the positive participation of the whole staff in order to share the company policy and to pursue the company goals

  • Promoting an Health&Safety oriented culture and behavior

  • Ensuring to all the personnel an adequate training on the Health&Safety Program and a full comprehension of the implications resulting by his/her activities and function

  • Pursuing the respect and protection of disadvantage people and vulnerable ones

  • Promoting family policies

  • Carefully selecting suppliers and contractors to operate according to the Health&Safety policies

  • Ensuring precise, complete and correct collections of data necessary to monitor and to improve the results and the performance of the Health&Safety Program

  • Verifying, inspecting and self-auditing in order to reduce non-conformities to the Health&Safety Program

  • Elaborating and establishing Safety Plans, including measures and procedures for the prevention of work related injuries and/or emergencies and for the control of the effects

  • Encouraging an open minded and proactive behavior with people, colleagues, public authorities and any other involved party



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