Effervescent Technology

Effervescent formulations are solid immediate release forms that need to be dissolved in water at the time of administration. They yield an oral solution or suspension depending on API solubility. In both cases the API is ready for absorption in the gastrointestinal system resulting in a fastest on set of action, critical in treating acute symptoms such as pain.

Effervescent technology is a proven drug and dietary supplement delivery system with several advantages compared with traditional delivery forms such as pills, tablets or liquid formulations.

Buffered preparations with adjustable stomach pH optimize formula performance characteristics reducing gastro intestinal side effects.

E-Pharma Trento has more than 20 years consolidated know-how in formulating this form which is covered by a patented technology. We offer the finest and most complete line of effervescent products as well as customized product development.

  • Fast onset of action
  • Quick dissolution
  • Large amount of API
  • High bioavailability
  • Low gastrolesivity
  • Easy to manage than conventional liquids
  • User friendly
  • Solvent and alcohol free

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