Orally Disintegrating Technology

Designed to disintegrate rapidly on contact with saliva and enable oral administration without water or chewing. This kind of formulation offer increased convenience and ease of administration with the potential to improve compliance, particularly in certain populations where swallowing conventional solid oral-dosage forms is difficult.

Prolonged disintegration times may result in failure to meet the defining performance characteristics of the OD dosage form, such that the product might require water for administration or chewing to facilitate swallowing.

E-Pharma Trento’s proprietary direct to mouth formulation allows quick dispersion in the mouth with improved mouth taste over competitors OD products.


  • No water
  • Fast onset of action
  • Quick disintegration
  • Excellent mouth feel
  • Patience compliance (geriatric and pediatric population)
  • User friendly
  • Solvent and alcohol free

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